Every place, every person, and every object has a history, but not all histories are told.

Telling Untold Histories – New Jersey’s annual unconference that looks for human stories yet to be told – explores these histories and asks why some stories remain untold.

Our upcoming Telling Untold Histories Unconference will take place at Rutgers-University Newark in the Paul Robeson’s Campus Center on April 26, 2019!

Because we value the knowledge you bring, this unconference puts you at the center. Participants create the program by suggesting and choosing sessions on the day of the unconference. Feel the suspense building! Workshops offer attendees the chance to learn new skills to help you tell stories. Discussions and activities connect you with new people and leave you inspired. Join us!

Want to see what happened at the 2017 unconference? Check out the Google docs from every session and workshop, and the Storify of our twitter conversation.


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